Grateful Gary,  9pm to midnight (Pavilion)


Shanty Irish, 5pm to 7pm (Cooters)
Freekbass and the Bump Assembly, 10pm to midnight (Pavilion)


Queen City Funk and Soul, aka for OTR 2019 “King Town Disco and Pop”
8:30pm to midnight and beyond! (Pavilion)


Hard Swimmin’ Fish, 2pm to 5pm (Riverstage)
Buzzz City, ?pm to ?pm (Pavilion)

Freekbass and the Bump Assembly

Known for his energetic live show and ignited low-end, Freekbass brings danceable tunes with hints of Prince, David Bowie, Talking Heads and Parliament Funkadelic. He’s a staple on the festival and touring circuit, performing live with his group, “The Bump Assembly”. Always one to spread the love, Freekbass has shared the stage with a host of artists from every genre: Bernie Worrell, Umphrey’s McGee, Sammi Garett, Turkuaz, Dumpstaphunk, George Porter Jr., Buckethead, DJ Logic, and Mike Gordon.  His influences are deeply embedded in funk, cultivated under the guidance of the legendary Bootsy Collins, in his early career. Bootsy refers to Freekbass as “the new spiritual warrior for the funk”. 

By incorporating the propellant of the Funkadelic 70’s into the Urban/Techno/Funk rockets of their own sonic spaceship of the future, Freekbass and the Bump Assembly will be transported to us from their home planet of Cincinnati, Ohio to guide us all to a booty-shakin’ blast-off of the OTR 2019 Friday night Mothership.  Let the countdown begin……

Check out a sample here

Queen City Funk and Soul 

aka for OTR 2019 “King Town Disco and Pop”

“Disco music in the ’70s was just a call to go wild and party and dance with no thought or conscience or regard for tomorrow.” ~ Martha Reeves

Clearly Martha must have been a caver. Queen City Funk and Soul, who (for one night only) will be transforming themselves into “King Town Disco and Pop” for a Disco Saturday Night at OTR 2019, is an 11 member consortium of raw talent we’ve been fortunate enough to have grace our Pavilion Stage to great acclaim not just once, but twice over the years. Now comes the begged-for trifecta and ultimate experience. Consisting of 3 on lead vocals, 1 on keyboard, a 2 piece rhythm section, 1 on guitar, 1 on bass, a 3 piece horn section……this herd of skilled musicians will be helping us relive The Disco Era in true boogy-fashion, infecting all of us with a Fever on a Saturday Night. As our Chairman says, “….grab that polyester suit, dust off your bell-bottoms, starch your wide lapelled shirts, and practice your best disco moves…….” and get ready to celebrate the 70th OTR in true 70’s fashion in the Pavilion like there is, as Martha says,”… regard for tomorrow….”. Can ya dig it!!!! Right on, baby. Right on.

Shanty Irish


The Shanty Irish Band consists of several friends who enjoy making traditional Irish folk music similar to what one would hear in ‘singing pubs’ scattered throughout Ireland. Much of their music dates from the 18th and 19th centuries and tells tales of fighting and revolution, love, and the wonders of poitin and porter (whisky and beer). The not-for-profit group can be coerced to play for noble (and not-so-noble) causes. Several band members are long-time TRA members and hope to bring a wee little bit of Ireland into your OTR.

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Grateful Gary

Grateful Gary (aka Gary Gibula) is a caver, musician and sound engineer from the Chicago area. He leads a hippie band called ‘Magic Bus’, which has a repertoire of over 600 songs (specialty: Grateful Dead). Gary has brought live music to numerous other caver events like NSS Convention, Kentucky Speleofest, MVOR and previous OTRs. As a caver, Gary is a NSS Life Member, he chairs the Sub-Urban Chicago Grotto and is assistant copy editor of the NSS News. He also put together this year’s OTR Guidebook! Grateful Gary’s solo-acoustic performance Thursday will feature Woodstock-era retro tunes like Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Donovan and Crosby Stills & Nash. Gary’s Saturday afternoon performance at Cooters will feature lots of Bob Dylan and acoustic ‘folky’ songs. When he’s not performing, you’ll see GG at the controls of the sound booth for the rest of the weekend as he’s a fully-qualified audio engineer.

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Hard Swimmin’ Fish

“Hard Swimmin’ Fish is an ensemble deeply rooted in the traditions of American music. Our down home roots sound pilfers from the best that early American music has to offer including blues, jazz, funk and swing, and churn it all up into a spicy brew that is familiar yet uniquely our own.

The musical influences and instrumentation of the band seamlessly combine tradition and modernity. Demian Lewis (guitar/vocals) and Waverly Milor (harmonica/vocals) are steeped in blues traditions of the American south. Conjuring the wails of Howlin’ Wolf, RL Burnside and Bukka White, they pen original compositions that harken to an old time blues show. Rooting the ensemble on upright and electric bass is Randy Ball whose unyielding pursuance of the groove has led him to study with luminaries Chuck Rainey and Victor Wooten. The rhythmic engine of the band is Jason Walker. His knowledge of musical traditions from Africa, its extension into the Caribbean, and their culmination in New Orleans in the American drum set, rumbles, growls and speaks in tongues through his cajon (box drum) based contraption set……”

Strut on down to the Tygart River with your chairs and mind-altering libations, and taste first-hand how a truly delicious sonic gumbo shall be served up to squelch any blues-hunger on a Sunday OTR 2019 afternoon.

Check out a sample of them here

Buzzz City

Buzzz City is a loose confederation of caver-musicians who have played group performances for years at OTR. They formerly played at their campsite, at Cooters or wherever they could. In recent years, Buzzz City began performing at the First Aid Station as a thank-you for the medical care they provide. They started the ‘Band-Aid’ (get it?) fundraiser eight years ago after asking how they could further help. Buzzz City performed at the Pavilion last year, and the band was a big hit (not to mention the money raised for the First Aid Station)! This year’s performance will be the same –immediately following the Sunday awards ceremony at the Pavilion, and once again a benefit to help purchase medical supplies. You’ll hear lots of good old-timey songs, including their crowd favorite, The OTR Anthem!