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At the recent TRA Board Meeting Operational Vice President, John Vitela announced that the ongoing weathering and deterioration to the co-ed shower facility may very soon render it unsafe and closed until permanent repairs can be made.

When asked the duration of time it may take to facility repairs his response was “we have a plan but no funds to make the need repairs”

The TRA Fundraising Committee has started raising funds for the project and has asked the TRA Treasurer to place these funds in a restricted account to complete the project.

Vitela announced that although not official the total project plans included an expansion and improvements to the “his and her’s” facility as well as a total rebuild of the co-ed facility. He expects the total project cost is expected to be between $25,000 and $30,000.

At the TRA Board meeting a cry went out for help and two outstanding TRA members and volunteers stepped forward. Both have asked to remain anonymous but both have pledged a combined total of $7500.00 to match all donations made by others for this worthy project.

It is planned to complete this project with 100% donated funds so we need your help to fund this project before it too late.

We are asking our members and guest to help support this worthy project by donating funds

Be on the look out for the eye catching logo shower bag and logo robe that are available at various donation levels.  See the attached donation form for details.

Help support this worthy project by making a tax deductible donation. (Less cost of bag or robe)

If you have questions of John please e-mail him at aberdeencaver@yahoo.com 

Mail this form and check payable to TRA to: Pat Cuttier P.O. Box 10, Calhoun, TN. 37309-0010

Download this file (Shower House flier and form 9-4-14.pdf)Shower-House-Donation-Form.pdf[Use this form to submit your donation to support rebuilding the shower house]171 kB

Farmhouse for sale

One of our neighbors near OTR is selling their restored 1890 farmhouse and had asked that we let our members know that the house was available if they were interested in the details. Below is a description:


Gary Cunningham - A Friend and Neighbor

thumb OTR2013-GaryCunningham-8144Gary Dale CunninghamEarlier this week TRA learned that our close neighbor and friend, Gary Dale Cunningham, had suffered a heart attack on Thursday, June 26th, while working on a farm in Moorefield, West Virginia. He succumbed soon after.


Caving at OTR

Caving at OTR
Although we are all cavers, OTR does not organize caving trips. With that said, one of the big draws for many attendees is to go on caving trips during the OTR weekend and for those who do, the following information is available to help plan your trip.


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Wild Wild West Virginia

TRA will be hosting its 66th annual Old Timers Reunion this year at our campground in West Virginia.  Watch for upcoming news, as this event is going to be WILD!  A Western theme with a little inspiration from the movie “Blazing Saddles” will have you packing up your wagons and heading for the homestead.  Watch for a variety of new thematic activities such as a Chilli cook-off, the Lili Von Shtupp lip-synching contest, a themed bonfire lighting and a Saturday night cowboy stew banquet along with many of your old favorites.  From Thursday through Sunday there will be a variety of live bands and DJ's to get you out on the dance floor and kick up your heels.  There are many more plans in the works so keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters.

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