Final word from the OTR 2017-2018 Chairperson.

The tents are packed away, campers towed off, beer trailers gone, OTR equipment carefully stored for next time, litter picked up. OTR 2018 is a memory.  It is my sincere hope that everyone had a great year, filled with new and old friends, adventures, antics. I hope you are already marking your calendars for August 30th –September 2nd, 2019.  It’ll be the 70th Annual Old Timers Reunion and plans are well underway to make it a wonderful event. My two years as OTR Chair have ended and taking over the reins is David “Shack” Shackelford. He’s been there every step of the way as my vice-chair and has some great ideas for 2019-2020.  The site of OTR will also be the site of the 2020 National Speleological Convention. I’m looking forward to the NSS convention returning to West Virginia!

We had 1,597 attendees, the most we’ve had in many years. And I hope each and every one of you had a fantastic OTR.  The bands/acts were simply amazing.  Band-Aide (the Sunday night fundraiser for First Aid medical equipment) raised over $650.00 this year (Thank you all for your generosity). We very nearly ran out of beer at both the Pavilion and Cooters. These are the only stats I have at present.

There were some GREAT presentations at the Event Tent and I hope everyone had a chance to stop by. I’m happy that this new addition to OTR was so well received.

I am simply unable to adequately convey to all Volunteers and Staff how very much EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU is appreciated for the big things and myriad of little tasks that go into making such a huge event successful. YOU ALL ARE OTR.

OTR Event Staff work very hard during the Event to keep everyone safe and informed.

The people who deserve the true accolades for a successful year are the TRA Volunteers. Not me. Some of these Volunteers also served as Staff this year, but the real work happens behind the scenes. The TRA Volunteers work not only during the Event as OTR Staff (both in front of and behind the scenes) to make OTR happen but literally YEAR ROUND!  Consider joining us as we begin looking towards next year. I’ve met some of the best friends of my life volunteering for TRA. It’s a great way to “pay back” and make a difference in our favorite Event!

So “hat’s off” to all that attended, caved, partied, and helped out.  It was so much fun…let’s do it again next year!

Our favorite spot in the hills of WV is now empty, but only until next year when it’ll be a BRAND NEW PARTY!

~Sarah Mosberg