Please see News article for OTR 2020 Status Update 4/29/2020


Greetings fellow cavers, TRA members & OTR attendees,

The time has passed so quickly since we gathered together wearing our finest disco attire and celebrated caving, camaraderie, and fellowship at the 70th annual Old Timers Reunion.

I had a wonderful time at the 70th OTR in 2019.  I hope that you were able to reunite with old friends and make some new ones that you will continue to see year after year.

I would like to take this opportunity to give you a “sneak peak” into some of the exciting plans that lie ahead for OTR 2020.

Planning for OTR 2020 began approximately 6 months before OTR 2019 even started.  A very dedicated and passionate group of volunteers and I have been hard at work to try and make OTR 2020 one that you will thoroughly enjoy and never forget.

This year, during OTR 2020, we will be celebrating our Appalachian Heritage with a Hatfield and McCoy theme.  The campground will be split into two separate “camps” with the Hatfield’s on one side of the creek and the McCoy’s on the other side.

Throughout OTR, there will be many opportunities for the Hatfields and McCoys to compete against one another in the Speleo-Olympics and other fun events.  There will also be several opportunities for the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s to congregate to see which family dances a jig, slaps a knee, and maybe even plays the spoons while listening to some incredible bluegrass and rock-a-billy bands together.

Ultimately, the two families will be invited to break bread with one another during a banquet that will be held on Saturday night in the Main Pavilion.  Once the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys has been resolved over dinner on Saturday evening, make sure to stop by the bonfire area for a special ceremony before the bands start playing.

Sunday at OTR will dawn a time of collective fellowship.  Both the Hatfields and McCoys will spend the day together down at the river for what could be the best River Party that OTR has ever witnessed.  Sunday night will bring both families together once again in the Main Pavilion for an evening of “caver” bluegrass performed by our very own Buzzzz City.

There will be many more details to follow, including a couple of activities to help support the local community situated in the Appalachian Mountains.

We’re going to have a fabulous time and in the words of Dale Ibberson, “It’s a Bran’ New Party.”


OTR 2019 – 2020