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OTR 2016 Pre-registration

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Pre-registration for OTR 2016 is available until August 26.  You must have your TRA number and credit card to complete registration.  If you wish to purchase merchandise online and have it available to you at OTR you must purchase it during your pre-registration.  Members are allowed to register up to 2 guests. 

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Welcome to the Frat!

TRA will be hosting its 67th annual Old Timers Reunion this year at the Theta Tau Rho fraternity campground in West Virginia.  Our parent organization, is Delta Tau Chi from Faber College.  You may know them as the "Animal House."

Our theme is Animal House, complete with all of the trapings.  The party on Saturday night becomes a Toga party, we will have pledges, a Homecoming Parade, themed bonfire lighting and mourning becomes Electra.  Actually that last one is from Professor Jenningss' English Lit class - but he'd be more than happy to talk aobut John Milton's Satan, too.

There are many more plans in the works so keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters.

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